Client: BEHRProject: Tiny House Sweepstakes

Tiny dream come true.

After launching Tiny House TV, it was a no-brainer to give one away and get the world talking in the process. The insight: tiny stuff is awesome, obvs. Unfortunately we cannot enter to win ourselves but we'll be jealous till the end of time. $1 will be donated to the Tiny House Project nonprofit for every submission, making the home sweet home even sweeter.

#BEHRDreamTiny #Sweepstakes 

Check out our full 2016 Marquee Exterior campaign here.

BEHR: Tiny House Sweepstakes BEHR: Tiny House Sweepstakes
BEHR: tiny house sweepstakes
BEHR: tiny house sweepstakes - campaign style guide
BEHR: tiny house sweepstakes - microsite
BEHR: tiny house sweepstakes - pre-roll

Our campaigns succeeded in driving awareness by delivering over 127,000 link clicks, as well as 82,000 engagements on social ads, a key metric for the brand. Additionally, the promotion of the Facebook Live video reached over 3.3 million people, with nearly 10% of them watching a quarter of our 15-minute stream. Campaign sentiment from Facebook efforts was 93% positive, as users increasingly viewed BEHR in a positive light. Ultimately, the paid social clicks led to over 28,500 sweepstakes entries, with over a quarter of users who clicked to the landing page entering the contest. 


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