Client: BEHRProject: True to Hue

From one channel to omnichannel.

The paint category has historically operated from one of two points of view regarding color. Fear-based: color is scary and intimidating, and you need help. Or fashionable: color is about designers, trends, and doing what’s in. We recognized that BEHR could stand apart and step straight into how homeowners really feel about choosing color today. That it’s all about finding your personal hue, the one that truly speaks to you. Because, deep down, color isn’t really about thinking – it’s about feeling. And because home inspiration doesn’t just come from dedicated TV programming and shelter print anymore, we needed to surround her with social and mobile inspiration and tools that could find and inspire her wherever she is.

BEHR: true to hue - anthem tv
BEHR: true to hue - video carousel
BEHR True to Hue with woman painting with Joie De Vivre color
BEHR: true to hue - print - joie de vivre

BEHR: true to hue - campaign hub - tumblr (autoplay)
BEHR True to Hue Facebook
BEHR: true to hue - facebook
BEHR Instagram images for True to Hue campaign BEHR Instagram images for True to Hue campaign
BEHR: true to hue - instagram
BEHR: true to hue - animated banners (autoplay)

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