Client: FossilProject: Holiday

Present(ing) a holiday filled with curious characters

Jump on the toboggan and let’s go. From the chic artisan fall vibe, we break into a world of cut paper and curious characters. Holiday 2015’s twists and turns include a cast with an entertaining past. Each plays a different character that connects with gift giving personalities. Actor Jason Biggs is Uncle Fun. His wife, author Jenny Mollen, plays our Letterhead. The Daily Show’s satirical Jessica Williams is the ironic Miss Sunshine. All-the-rage Man Repeller fashion blogger Leandra Medine is our colorful Chromeleon. And dangerously curious reporter Ryan Duffy is our Boundary Hunter.


Fossil: fall - holiday (times square) - teaser video
Fossil: holiday - gift guide
Fossil: holiday - video
Fossil: Holiday digital banners
Fossil: holiday - digital
Fossil: holiday - social carousel

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