Kohl's. #GetJenniferThere.

First ever real-time AMA viewer voted film.

To help Kohl’s own Black Friday we leveraged the brand’s existing relationships with fashion and music icon Jennifer Lopez and the high-profile AMAs to create the ultimate, totally ownable integration. During the pre-show live broadcast we sparked a media blitz around JLo late for the show, stuck in gridlocked traffic. Our film captured the situation with a call to viewers to vote on how best to #GetJenniferThere. Steal a motorcycle? Sprint over a sea of limos. We created 9 different film endings, each with a clever link to Black Friday. 859 million tweets and 2.1 billion media impressions later, the votes landed one final film to air immediately before Jennifer’s real-time entrance. Viewers were shocked to see that the JLo on stage was visually indistinguishable from JLo as she appeared in the film, right down to the hair-do.

Kohl's: jennifer lopez - the people's choice carousel
Kohl's: jennifer lopez - the road not taken carousel

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