Client: Nine WestProject: Occasions

Provocation by product.

Nine West is a well-known and time-tested shoe brand, but one that lacks the instant credibility and fashionability of designer brands. Instead, it relies on its volume of trend-right styles to stay relevant each season. Heading into Fall 2014, Nine West didn’t have a strong differentiating design point of view. But it did have shoes for every occasion. We embraced what it could mean to own every occasion that a girl could imagine. A little tongue-in-cheek, and a lot of fun, the Occasions campaign became one of the most talked-about, provocative fall campaigns in 2014, and gave Nine West a true point of view to stand out from the crowd.

Nine West: occasions - case study
Nine West - Occasions - catalog Nine West - Occasions - catalog
Nine West: occasions - printed catalog
Nine West: occasions - print carousel
Nine West: occasions - video carousel
Nine West: Occasions - In-Store displays Nine West: Occasions - In-Store displays
NIne West: occasions - in-store
Nine West: Occasions - HGB - Starter Husband Hunting, Going Freelance and Drunch
Nine West: occasions - hgb - starter husband hunting, going freelance and drunch
Nine West: Occasions - Facebook Identity: Starter Husband Hunting
Nine West: occasions - facebook

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