Sleep Number. All Grown Up.

Bite-size films spark the conversation...and conversion.

Sleep Number introduced its first kids' bed in 2015. Not just a kid-colored twin-size Sleep Number bed, but a true game-changer in kids' sleep, packed with features like adjustability, sleep tracking, head tilts for stuffy noses and even a monster detector. Instead of going for an info-packed approach, we created an emotional video designed to resonate with moms and help start a conversation around kids' sleep. Our film tells the story of one little boy as he grows, and weaves in how this new Sleep Number bed's unique features help him sleep along the way. To accompany the spot we cut upwards of 20 accompanying films to not only engage mom bloggers and influencers in the conversation around their kids' sleep, but to turn mom on to the new SleepIQ kids' bed in stores.

Sleep Number: sleepiq kids - all grown up - facts of life

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