Client: Sleep NumberProject: Silent Night

Feel the roar.

The low-interest nature of mattresses and the sea of sameness within the category make it confusing for consumers to differentiate one brand from another. To stand out from the crowd, we created a story people could intimately relate to: snoring, featuring Sleep Number’s “partner snore,” which lifts the bed angle to stop snoring. In this jungle-love story set to the song “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” we see a couple on the prowl for some action in the bedroom. Initially we're led to believe the husband is the macho lion figure, sizing up his partner, ready to seize the night. Disappointingly, the big kitty falls asleep and starts snoring. All too familiar with their nightly ritual, his lioness puts an end to the racket with the press of a button and settles back to sleep. The twist? The lioness has quite the roar herself.

Sleep Number: silent night video

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