Kmart x Sofia Vergara
Designer Partnership

We’re not afraid to work our assets.
Women tend to spend their lives dealing with a lot of conflicting expectations and “shoulds.” We should dress for success. We should embrace our femininity. We should tone it down. We should enhance our natural beauty. We should shake it up and try something new. We should minimize our, ahem, assets. Our maximize them. It can all get a little confusing, and a lot annoying. But then along comes someone like Sofia Vergara who simply owns it all. Sexy? Duh. Funny? Absolutely. Smart? Like a fox. And Sofia is adamant that every women—brains, humor, curves, and all—is to be celebrated and embraced, just the way she is. We, together with Kmart and Sofia, came together to champion every type of woman, with a call for all women to work what they’ve got and be proud of it.