Kohl’s Black Friday

To help Kohl’s own Black Friday, we leveraged the brand’s existing relationship with fashion and music icon Jennifer Lopez to create the first ever real-time AMA viewer-created film. The pre-show live broadcast sparked a media buzz about JLo being late for the show, stuck in gridlock traffic. Our films captured her situation with a call for viewers to #GetJenniferThere. Steal a motorcycle? Sprint over a sea of limos? Another example: we created 9 different film endings, each with a link to the Kohl’s Black Friday site which featured JLo styles in 9 different Kohl’s outfits. 859 million tweets and 2.1 billion media impressions later, the votes determined what final film would air just before JLo’s entrance. Viewers were shocked to see that the JLo onstage was nearly indistinguishable from the JLo in the film, right down to her fabulous hair-do.